Zoom Art Talk – Sat Jan 16th at 7pm

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Please join us for our next ZOOM Art-Talk with a discussion on the Symbols catalog.

Symbols Catalog

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Our Next Art Talk will be:  Saturday Jan 16th 7pm


A.K. (Angelina) Fielding an academically trained in research and writing as an historian, is also a self-taught artist.  In recent years, she have forged together her love of writing about early American history and art.

Margie Whalen taught at Mt. SAC for 30 years where she was a long time department chair and taught mythology among other classes. Her studies focused on Greek mythology through a Jungian lens.

Greg Zerovnik teaches marketing and management in BA and MBA programs. His doctorate is in Media Psychology, a specialty that includes the study of semiotics (symbols).

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Please log on a few minutes before the talk starts.

We look forward to seeing everyone on our next talk.