Denise Kufu Weyhrich - Sasse Museum of Art


Denise Kufus Weyhrich

70,000 dried communion cups from weekly communions of 2008 Easter – 2009 Yom Kippur, seven silver ribbons, and acrylic disk base

42 x 42”


“Tabernacle” meaning the place where God dwells, is a large communion cup that reflects the community, who are bestowed the huge gift of grace given to us by God week after week for forgiveness. The entire piece is based on Jewish numerology and Christian symbolism, with 7 being the number of completion there had to be 7 ribbons and 70,000 cups. The 7th ribbon runs through each stack of cups and to the ceiling, as would the ribbon like prayers of the saints as illustrated in medieval manuscript.

The process was a weekly gathering and stacking of the communion cups to dry for a year and half. Stacking the communion cups in sets of 2 (witness) & sets of 3 (trinity) to dry out. This piece is based on Jewish numerology and Christian symbolism.

Collection of The Sasse Museum of Art