Live Art Talk – Saturday May 15th – with Brandon Monkwood & John Brantingham

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Live Art Talk – Saturday, May 15th – with Brandon Monkwood & John Brantingham


Please join us for our second live Art-Talk this year with Brandon Monkwood & John Brantingham discussing his work in this exhibit Connecting Perspectives.

For those who cannot attend the talk, you will also be able to participate via zoom, you can log on a few minutes before 7 pm.

Zoom link:


If you prefer to attend the Art Talk in person:

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Brandon Monk Muñoz is an artist and furniture maker. He was nicknamed ‘Monk’ by his friends at age 13. Monk designs and builds his pieces with carefully selected American hardwoods. Each piece is created with the client in mind and every measure is taken to ensure a long-lasting and uniquely beautiful end result that will only get better with age.



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