Sasse Museum of Arts - Events
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Event Schedule for 2019



Wisdom of the Desert | Sept 8th – Oct 13th, 2019

This exhibition invites a group of artists working in various modes and media, to offer, in visual form, the wisdom the desert has worked in them.  While works that take up the desert as a physical/visual site/sight are welcome, so too are works that emanate from the inner desert wanderings that attend us all.  The “desert” is broadly defined here as physical, spiritual, psychological, mythic, and/or metaphoric space.

Curated by: Jonathan Puls, Art professor Biola University

Artists: Luke Aleckson, Dan Callis, Kari Dunham, Eleanor Greer, Duncan Simcoe, Tim Timmerman, Christine Turner, Hannah Varamini, Joshua Watson, Laura Webster

Art Talk | Sept 21st  6-8 pm




Exhibition – Wisdom of the Desert |Closing Reception | Oct 13th |2-4 pm


Art Talk | Oct 19th | 6-8 pm

Come & enjoy an evening of music with Wendy Sue Hunt & Guests


Exhibition – Six Years in the Making | Oct 27th – Dec 8th

During this time our collection has grown from zero to over 900 objects.

This exhibits explores the diverse elements of the collection with many of the pieces shown for the first time.

Curated by: Lauren Tesoro

Opening Reception | Oct 27th | 2-5



Art Talk | Nov 16th | 6-8 pm



No exhibits from Dec 9th – Jan 14th, 2020


January 2020

Art of Ginger Lai | Jan 5th – Feb 2nd 2020

Ginger Lai is a painter of energy grounded in two traditions. She performed Sumi Ink paintings in her formative years, enchanted to be part of an historic approach to painting that combines the ultimate taste of freedom with the most serious demands of discipline.

Immigrating to America overwhelmed her with the radical possibilities inherent in Western abstraction. She took years to merge the two approaches into her mature style that combines the discipline of Sumi with the ingrained aesthetics of Western abstraction. Lai’s synthesis manifests as automatic markings repeating the patterns of her spontaneous application.

Her paintings are a transmutation of spirit rendered as the pure interaction of color as form. They are intended to be an uplifting experience for viewers, reminders that part of what it means to be human is making what is temporary permanent.