Andrea Willow - A Story Telling - Sasse Art Museum

By Andrea Willow – Artist/Author

Pick a color.  Pick up a pear.  Pick a song.  Pick a dance.  Pick a lily.  Or if you like, pick a pickle.

All of these have one thing in common – they are all created by man or nature.  Creativity has unlimited ways of showing its product.  Eat it, smell it, taste it, see it, listen or move with it.  So many choices, so little time.  Pick your niche.  Treasure and cherish your creativity, whatever voice it shouts out.  Nurture it as you would a best friend, spouse or pet.  Let it grow.  Educate it, stretch it.  Have an intimate relationship with your creativity.  It is you, your voice, your sensitivity, your true soul connection.

So where do you start?  Right here, right now.  What is the whisper you hear and feel?  What is the thing which gives you a smile, a laugh, a joy or goose bumps?  Some are challenged by the thought of making a piece of art, or writing a story or even baking a pie.  The exciting element about creativity is connecting you more to you and allows you the luxury of self-expression.  Creativity can lead you to thoughts, feelings and places you’ve never been.  It can take you on a journey to find new friends. Creativity can help you with an emotional issue setting you free from anguish.  This creative venture, whatever it is for you, is like a diamond in the rough.  Keep polishing it, honor it, gently cut into it, and before you know you’ve created a masterpiece of your own expression.  Taking this challenge may be intimidating at first.  Comparison is a danger zone to be avoided at all costs.  Looking at what others do only encourages you to think less of your self in most instances.

The magic of art or writing or other creative paths, allows your authentic self to be shared.  Sometimes an image or words takes us to a place we never thought anyone else has experienced.  There is nothing new.  There is not a feeling or subject matter that hasn’t been written or illustrated.  We all don’t feel or see everything.  But, we do have the opportunity to find a connection to creation, whatever it is for us.  The process of allowing ourselves to see and hear and taste new experiences exposes another layer to be released so we can continue to dig deeper to connect with our souls.  Let the ripple of the tickle of your soul take the call to express.