Art Talk

Father Bill More - Sasse Art Museum

Six Years in the Making – Art Talk

Date & Time: November 16, 2019 – 6-8 pm

Join the Sasse Museum of Art for an evening of Fr Bill Moore (Father Bill)

When I began to paint and create my art, I did not know where I was headed as and artist. Yet what remained important to me was that I was beginning my calling as a painter. After I began painting and working as a Priest, the idea came to me to create works that could benefit the members of my community. It always seemed to me that the public was constantly being asked to support either museums, or other cultural institutions. So I decided to take that theory and turn it on its head and use my art to support my community. I do not receive payments for my art, all the monies go directly to my congregation to help others in need.

My art has made me a better priest, and my faith has made me a better artist. We live in hurried times and are inundated with countless images. We have the capacity to immediately access a staggering wealth of information. Through my art, I am asking myself and those that would explore it, to slow down, look, touch and consider the essential colors, shapes and textures that can feed our souls